It all began shortly before I was 10 years old. The drummer in my older brother’s band had left and whilst I had been desperate to join in, my additional guitar playing wasn’t really doing the job, so I was persuaded into attempting drums. We didn’t have a drum kit so I started out playing on biscuit tin lids and using parts of wooden coat hangers for drum sticks.  My brother upgraded me to a pair of chemical barrels with plastic sacks stretched over the top.

These endeavours were rewarded with my first proper drum kit. Before I started secondary school I had recorded my first demo and over the next four years I played in various pubs and clubs and recorded several demos in my brothers band. We played a mixture of our own original songs and cover songs.

By 16 I was in a band with school friends. we recorded a few demos and played across Derbyshire. I have since played in many different bands and have appeared at the Y-Not festival, Rock and Blues Custom Show and Wirksworth festival . I recently went on a short tour with Alex Rennie and the City Bohemians.

I have been teaching drums in primary schools for over 5 years and have worked in schools for 10 years. I also teach whole class African drumming and help run after school rock and pop clubs for a music service.